The people of Appalachian Home Care are very friendly and I always enjoy working with them. - L. Miller

Our Partners
Our agency is privileged to cooperate with other health care providers and service providers in our community in order to ensure your continuity of care. As participants in various respected organizations in our community (click here to see our partnerships), we are dedicated to the improvement of each individual patient’s health care as well as the quality of health care in our community as a whole .

Case Managers - Appalachian Home Care understands that case managers have an important role in our community. We pride ourselves in our response time in handling inquiries and managing exceptional communication with all parties involved in patient care.

Discharge planners and social workers - Appalachian Home Care assists many patients just leaving a hospital stay, whether they are seeking around-the-clock care or a one-time need to help with care giving. We work side by side with health care professionals and community members to ensure no times is wasted in meeting your home care needs.

Medical Practitioners - It is imperative for doctors to have a part in home care decisions to ensure the right kind of care is given to their patients. Our communication with hospitals is crucial to the patient’s correct care plan and timely placement of caregivers.

Family and Friends - For all members of our community, we are able to inform and educate others on our ability to meet the needs of your loved one’s home care needs.. Call or email us today if you would like a free brochure on our services.